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Camping in Halkidiki

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Travel Tips For Central Macedonia

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If you’ve ever travelled to north Greece while looking for a great coastline to have some holiday at, I’m pretty sure that you’ve discovered on your own or you’ve been advised to go to Halkidiki!

The greeks coming from the north usually say that you won’t find a place like Halkidiki anywhere in Greece, (san tin Halkidiki den ehi) and indeed they’re right. The region has the perfect combination of that distinctive greek light, unspoiled landscapes, colours and fragrances! This is a place where all your senses will come to life, whether on the endless expanses of sand of the fashionable, cosmopolitan beaches, or in the intimacy of the many secluded bays and coves. Halkidiki has plenty of must visit places and beaches that will definitely take your breath away. But what about camping???

You’re one of those people that simply love the alternative kind of holiday; you’re a big fan of nature, a big fan of freedom and consequently a big fan of camping while on vacation!

Whatever form it takes, camping is earthy, soul enriching and character building, and there can be few such satisfying moments as having your tent pitched and the smoke rising from your campfire as the golden sun sets on the horizon--even if it's just for a fleeting moment before the rain spoils everything.

So where would you camp while in Halkidiki? Here are a few suggestions I’ve prepared for you dear camper, that guarantee you a unique camping experience while traveling to Halkidiki!


Armenistis is actually a campsite that invites you to a world of alternative holidays: golden beaches, crystal-clear waters, fields and trees, all combined with modern conveniences, good food and the highest standards of service. For your accommodation you can choose a tent, a caravan, a rented caravan with air conditioning and landscaped site or even, for greater comfort, a mobile home. Ideal for backpackers or for people seeking to find alternative and affordable kind of holiday!

Armenistis camping
Armenistis camping
Armenistis Camping, Sárti 630 72


Kalamitsi’s wild environment is just the perfect place to blend with nature! For years tourists have come to Kalamitsi to liberate themselves from the traditional hotel and opt for an eco-vacation in the form of camping. The camping around the area enables you to enjoy the spectacular natural surroundings. Of course, that’s something that the happy and hippie campers have discovered, and at the north side of the beach you can now find a nudist beach that gives a whole new meaning to the expression “free camping”.

Kalamitsi, Halkidiki
Kalamitsi, Halkidiki
Kalamitsi 630 72, Greece
Kalamitsi beach and  alternative camping
Kalamitsi beach and alternative camping
Kalamitsi 630 72, Greece

Sani, blue dream camping

The Camping Blue Dream in Halkidiki, is situated in Sani, an area of astonishing natural beauty on the western side of Kassandra peninsula. Blue Dream Camping sits next by the sea surrounded by trees and an amazing view of Olympos mountain. The camping is 1st class and it offers all the necessary facilities for a dreamy holiday. It is so close to Thessaloniki, only 45 minutes away; so it is the best choice even if you are just planning to go for a swim or just for a cup of coffee.

Sani, Blue Dream Camping
Sani, Blue Dream Camping
Blue Dream Camping, sani, nea fokaia, Kassandra 630 77, Greece


The famous Kavourotripes is a cluster of small beaches in a coastline which is over 5km. In fact, Kavourotripes is extremely popular among the naturalists and campsite lovers. The place is literally pure, there are no camping facilities and no restaurants or shops around. People visit Kavourotripes, in order to find their ultimate relaxation far from the city’s noises and crowds! If you’re planning to camp in the area it’s recommended that you come fully equipped with your personal camping material, tents, or whatever you might need while there!

TIP: In fact, there is not any road sign, so while you are on the main road of Sithonia pay attention to the sign ‘Beach Bar Portokali’. Upon your arrival, wonderful green and blue waters and also sculptures carved on the rocks by several artists adorn these beaches will steal your heart. Those beaches are actually deserted and some of those are also ideal for people who love skinny dipping! (yes, remote, naturalistic landscapes). Remember to pay extreme attention to the bushes and the rocks because the passes are rough and sometimes dangerous.

Kavourotripes Beach in Halkidiki
Kavourotripes Beach in Halkidiki
Kavourotrapes beach, Greece

What are you waiting for? Pack your tent and explore Halkidiki’s most naturalistic campsites!

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The author

Chrisa Lepida

Chrisa Lepida

My name is Chrisa and I come from Greece. As nature lover, winter sports addict and Erasmus obsessed, I’m always writing about these topics.

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