Cancellation policy

Cancellation policy for Live Story experiences

Cancellation policy for Live Story experiences

Full refund up to 24h prior to your experience

If, for any reason, you would like to cancel the Live Story experience you booked on itinari, simply send an email to Please do not forget to mention your name, family name and booking ID in your message (the ID can be found in the confirmation emails of your experience).

As soon as we have checked your request, and if more than 24h remain before your experience, we will immediately proceed with a full refund of your booking. Since money transfers between banks can taxe some time please note that the money might take up to 10 days before being available on your bank account.

No refund if less than 24h prior to your experience

Out of exceptional circumstances (see below) or the rare case of unavailability of your guide, any experience due to happen in the next 24h cannot be reimbursed, should you want or need to cancel it.

Full refund in case of guide unavailability / no-show

In the unfortunate event that your guide should not be available when asked for the confirmation of your chosen date or due to a last minute problematic event (illness, accident, exceptional circumstances,...), you will be notified via email and may - upon availability - be offered to pick another date with the same guide or switch to on alternative guide.

If you prefer to cancel, or in the rare case neither another date or another guide could be found, you will be instantly refunded of the total amount of your booking. This applies whenever this type of cancellation happens, regardless of the "24 hours rule".

Full refund in case of exceptional circumstances

Under exceptional circumstances (see list below), regardless of when you want to cancel, you will receive a full refund of your booking, without any penalty. Such exceptional circumstances are:

  • Natural calamities or pandemics, as well as any unforeseen resulting event that may affect your availability at your chosen date (e.g. quarantine in airports)
  • Personal sickness or family's medical emergency 1
  • Death of a family member 1

(1): Note that a document proving the exceptional circumstance may be requested before refund occurs. If you request a cancellation for one of concerned reasons, please include the aforementioned document in your email request at"