Castles in Scotland

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Anywhere you go in Scotland, you will never be very far away from a Castle. Castles are associated with the history of Scotland, like wine is with France. In the past, they were built for protecting wide areas and the population against foreign invaders. You might find breathtaking monuments in Scottish major cities, like Edinburgh, but there are also many of them surrounded by splendid landscapes, on the way from one Loch (Scottish "lake") to the other. There are so many Castles in Scotland that you could dedicate an entire month traveling just to visit them. Do not rush to try to visit them all: rather take the time to appreciate the mystical atmosphere that surrounds you, this is what Scotland is all about.

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Nicolas Casula

I got the travel virus when taking a 5-months travel break a few years ago. I believe that every place, every area is worth unveiling. Beauty lies everywhere.

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