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Central Café - The Place Where Hitler, Stalin, Trotsky, and Tito Drank Coffee

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Probably the most famous of the traditional Vienna Cafés is Central. Located in the first district of Vienna at the ground floor of the Palais Fertsel, former Bank and Stock Market Building it has been the middle point of Vienna social life for almost one and half century.

©commons.wikimedia/Clayton Tang
©commons.wikimedia/Clayton Tang

Café Central has been opened in the year 1876. Since the opening Vienna’s intellectuals, politicians and all who were important in Vienna have visited it. Vienna Circle of logical positivists even held many meetings at the café. Freud was also frequent guest at the Central.

But what makes this café unique in the world and Vienna with it as well is the fact that at the same time in January 1913. Central has been visited by the most important historical figures of the 20th century Stalin, Hitler, Tito, and Trotsky. They all lived in Vienna between two World wars.


Famous anecdote when Victor Adler told foreign Minister of Austro-Hungarian Empire Count Berchtold regrading the possible outbreak of Bolshevik revolution in Russia: „And who will lead this revolution? Perhaps Mr. Bronstein (Leon Trotsky) sitting over there at the Cafe Central?” Leon Trotsky, at that time refugee in Vienna, was one of the main figures responsible for revolution in Russia.

Today Central, visited by many tourists because of its history, is still place where you can get very good coffee and pastries. Located in beautiful neo-renaissance building alone architecture of the café makes it worth visiting.

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