​ Charles Dickens exposes the pub scene of London

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Charles Dickens. The man who viewed London as a magic lantern. The characters in his novels were not as important as the city itself. London was his coffee. Because he said it sets him up and starts him in the morning. This article is about more than coffee. It is about the pub scene of London exposed by the man himself. His way of presenting this city was to make us read the city like a book. The intriguing dreariness of the city makes it the chief character of his work. This city is his theatre. Because the streets shows creative stories about strangers in the street.

If you want a modern View of London, I recommend that you have a look at An East London Experience.

​Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese pub.

​My favorite pub. A tale of two cities was inspired by this place. Electric communication will never be a substitute for the face of another person. Their soul shall encourage the other person to be brave and true. That is why I go to the pub instead of wasting all my time on my iPhone. 145 Fleet St

​Rules pub. The oldest in London

​When I was at my greatest, there always was a table for me here for whenever I wanted to visit. People stared a lot when I went here. They took away the reservation after a while because I died and then there was little point in reserving it. 34-35 Maiden Ln

​The George Inn

​I mention this place in Little Dorrit. My government book. 77 Borough High St

​Lamb Tavern

​I made it so that the character Sam Weller in ‘The Pickwick Papers’ wrote poems here for his lover. You can do that too. There's a little writer in every soul. This place has the atmosphere for these sorts of things. ​10-12 Leadenhall Market

​George and Vulture

​This place was almost destroyed. Then my great-grandson reacted quickly and saved it. Now you have the chance to do all the productive things you were thinking of doing here. 3 Castle Ct, London

​The bonus place. My house

​Or Dickens’s house if you will. It happened to be my house from 1837-1839. Suddenly it was decided that this will be a museum about me since I no longer lived there. 48 Doughty St

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