Chez Toto - Probably the best Burgers around Morzine

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Once upon a time, there was Toto, a French young lad. He had a dream. A business dream. So he worked hard.

And that dream became a burger dream.

He cooked in a small Chinese red truck on the side of the road. He built his reputation as he made his burgers. Then he found a nice spot with a normal kitchen, some chairs to sit on, a large fridge and a heater for the winter. That place is in Saint Jean d'Aulps, on the road to Morzine.

That’s about when I met him.

The first thing I heart about his snack was “it’s the best burger place of the area”. Well, I didn’t try many yet but I must admit that the burgers are very tasty. You can choose not only what you want on your burger but which bread you’d like, how you want your meat to be cooked, which sauce you’d like (and there is a lot!). Almost all products are from the area – yogurt and cheese from farms next to the village, bread and meat from the nearest city (Thonon-les-Bains), etc. – and the music is always a nice surprise: will it be some French hits from the 80’s? Or Eurodance 2003?

You got it: I like the place and the guy. And being treated like a princess – yes, I waited for my burger in the kitchen staring at Toto under pressure dealing with a rush like a boss – it didn’t help me to dislike it. And it’s affordable (even cheap for the region), particularly if you fancy a menu!

That's where I leave you. An empty shot of mulled wine next to you. Sauce all over your mouth. Almost full.

Breathe the greasy but tasty smell of the air.


... Practical Corner

I tasted/tested for you the Atriaux (pork meat and offal) with extra hash brown, the Mini for a light lunch, the Rebloch (with reblochon cheese) with extra bacon, the Chèvre (goat cheese), Onion rings, French fries and they were all good. Just think about what you'd fancy and follow your mood!

My advice would be: have a a normal burger if you feel normal, an extra hash brown if you’re a bit hungry, a menu if you feel really hungry, a menu and an extra hash brown if you’re starving...

Do you remember how I love hot chocolate? (if not, have a look here for a Hot Chocolate Tour in Morzine) So you won't be surprised if I tell you that I tried the ho chocolate cup he sells... And it's not bad! For real :)

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Eileen Robinson

Eileen Robinson

I’m Eileen, a Belgian living in France. I got the travel bug when I was so young that I don’t even remember it. I hope my stories will bring you to travel while reading!

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