Chilling out at Boračko Lake

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If you happen to be in the town of Konjic, known as a place that hides the Balkan’s Top Secret, it would be a pity not to explore the natural beauties that surround it. Apart from unforgettable whitewater rafting on the Neretva River and thrilling canyoning in the Rakitnica River, another keystone of ecotourism in this region is Boračko Lake. The biggest glacial lake in Bosnia & Herzegovina, as well as a natural oasis of pure air and clean water. An invitation for chilling out at Boračko Lake should never be refused.

A turquoise mountain eye

Snuggled between Mt Prenj, Bjelašnica and Visočica, some of the highest mountains in Bosnia & Herzegovina, Boračko Lake is located at 405 m of the altitude. It was created by glacial erosion over millions of years. Its elliptical shape and mesmerizing color somehow hypnotize you. Surrounded by dense forest, from bird’s perspective, this lake looks like a turquoise mountain eye.

Mouthwatering barbeque on natural beaches

All along whole coast, this lake has natural beaches and walking paths, which makes it very attractive for swimming and canoeing, or just for sunbathing. Even fishermen are often visitors, as Boračko Lake is particularly rich with good quality trout, carp and crayfish. Since these beaches are barbecue-friendly, people come here to catch an extraordinary fish and to prepare a mouthwatering barbeque. As simple as that.

Hiking Bosnian Himalayas

At Boračko Lake, nature lovers are at home. Not only that the view on surrounding mountains is breath-taking, but exploring them as well. Coniferous forests, still wild and unspoiled are at every step. If hiking is your thing, you will be spoiled for choice. On one side you have mountain Prenj, well-known as Bosnian Himalayas, with its peaks that reach 2000 m above sea level. On the other side, there is mountain Visočica with its spectacular highlands. Not to forget bikers, as the region is ideal for that kind of activities as well.

The right destination for all nature lovers

Whether you pick rafting, kayaking, canoeing, hiking, biking, fishing, or just swimming and sunbathing, you will be at the right destination. This place has something for all types of nature lovers. When it comes to accommodation options, you can choose among camping, bungalows, B&Bs or hotel. It seems that chilling out at Boračko Lake could be actually an excellent idea, right?

Boračko Lake
Boračko Lake
Boračko Lake, Jezero, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Prenj hiking tour
Prenj hiking tour
Prenj, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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