Choose your wonderful picnic place: Qobuland

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Summer is a traditional season for trips in nature, and, of course, for barbecues. Picnicking is not only spending time outdoor but also gathering with family members, enjoying the fresh air, socializing, exploring new places and much more. Azerbaijan has numerous regions where you can enjoy in a picnic. However, if you who do not want to go far away from the city, I will help to choose the wonderful picnic place in Azerbaijan. Stock up with a blanket, a basket of food, a sunscreen, and let's go to Qobuland!

A picnic is more than eating a meal, it is a pleasurable state of mind.”

Qobuland recreation centre

The Qobuland Recreation Centre is located on the Baku-Shamakhi highway, near Gobustan. İt is very easy to reach it from Baku by bus or by car. There are all conditions in the Qobuland recreation centre to spend your summer holidays at the highest level, including five-star Hotel Qobuland. The Hotel is a part of an amusement park with the Ferris wheel, carting, kids entertainment, etc. There are different restaurants offering a high-quality European and Azeri cuisine, as well as the natural lake, numerous artificial lakes, fountains, fishing possibilites, and catamaran rides in the Qobuland Recreation Centre.

Qobuland Hotel
Qobuland Hotel
Baku-Shamakhi road, 97km, Qobustan Marazi, Qobustan, Azerbaijan

You can do different fun activities during your stay in Qobuland, and at a good price. For instance, to use a catamaran for half an hour, you will pay only five manat (two euro) , while biking is two manat ( fifty cent ). The paintball and carting are also the favourite hobbies of young tourists. For 10 minutes of carting you need to pay eight manat (four euro), while half an hour of golfing costs ten manat(five euro). There are also demonic and electric cars in the picnic area, that cost one manat. The volleyball and tennis courts can be used free of charge.

Qobuland as a picnic zone

The picnic zone is also available on the territory of the Qobuland Recreation Centre, for those who enjoy being in nature. There are two restaurants and lakes in the picnic area. The main feature of this complex is that there are all conditions for those who look after the "Cook-It-Yourself" phenomenon. You can take all your products with you, prepare your meal and have fun in the area, without using the restaurant's services. As you might know, when Azeri people go to nature, the main meal of the table is , of course , a kebab. It is possible to buy meat for kebab, poultry and other necessary foodstuff in the territory of the recreation centre. They are offered at 1-2 times lower prices than in the city. Also, the equipment necessary for the kebab cooking (braziers, skewers, coal/firewood) is also available in the centre, so you can rent it for an affordable price. Additionally, guests are free to catch a fish from the lake. One hour of fishing equipment renting costs 5 manat.

Qobuland Recreation Centre
Qobuland Recreation Centre
Qobuland, Qobustan, Azerbaijan

If you visit my country in summer, and if you enjoy being outdoors, you should try picnicking. If you are looking for the best experience choose Qobuland for your wonderful picnic place in Azerbaijan.

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