Christmas market in Leuven

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Christmas markets are my favorite places to go to in the cold winter. You can drink a hot chocolate and buy some hot food from the many Provence themed food stands. And since it is next to my university building, I can see it almost every day. The thing I like the most about Leuven are the many old buildings and roads that give the city a special atmosphere while walking around.


New this year are the ice skating rink and the Ferris wheel you can enter to enjoy the view of Leuven that are situated on the Ladeuzeplein. There is also a smaller attraction for the children to enjoy. You can also enjoy some food or drinks next to the ice skating rink if ice skating is nothing.


If you walk further away from the food stands (and follow the signs) you can enter the park where the stands with Christmas presents are stationed. Looking around and talking with the people from the stands is a lot of fun. Maybe you might spot the most amazing Christmas present somewhere between all the stands. I almost find a present on the Christmas market for someone every year.

I hope you will enjoy this Christmas market as much as I do. Leuven is a very beautiful city and maybe if you are really lucky you might stumble upon a lonely nutcracker while walking around the Christmas market.

Ferris Wheel Leuven
Ferris Wheel Leuven
Monseigneur Ladeuzeplein, 3000 Leuven, Belgium
Christmas market
Christmas market
Sint-Donatuspark, Tiensestraat, 3000 Leuven, Belgium

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