Christmas special: World's largest Christmas tree in Gubbio

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We are back in Umbria, Gubbio, for this Christmas special; surprisingly so here is where you find the largest Christmas tree in the world. Alright, alright stop thinking this town is the birthplace of a hundred meters high tree, I wrote largest, not tallest! I cannot really describe it, so I guess a picture of it will be more useful than a twenty words description. Here it is:

Italians are well known to be very crafty and sly and I personally think the tree of Gubbio is a top example of it. The Eugubini, residents of Gubbio, decided to use the top half of the hill that hosts their city as a base where placing more than four hundred lights, connected by eight thousand meters of cables, up to six hundred and fifty meters of height. The tree is set up by more than fifty volunteers and takes more than two thousand hours to do it. The result is, in fact, pretty incredible.

While approaching the city by car, the tree stands out right in front of the eyes of the driver, creating a truly unique scenario and atmosphere. The town, with its narrow streets, Christmas lights installations, open flee market and a life-size nativity scene, just helps you to get into Christmas mood. Come here around this time of the year, you’ll be hearing bells in yours hears until February! Here is the video of the lighting up of the tree this year.

If you have a few more days and you do not want to travel too far and still breathe the Christmas spirit, the Vatican is the place for you: the lighting of the three in the Vatican is stunning (and not so far from Gubbio and Umbria!).

Something also very beautiful, is Christmas in Naples: the lovely food, the lively nativity alongside the nice and enjoyable weather will make it an unforgettable experience!

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

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Federico Spadoni

Federico Spadoni

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