Christmas Spirit in Madrid

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It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas, isn’t it? December has just begun and we can already feel the Christmas energy in the air! Spending Christmas in a different country is a really magical experience, so don’t miss out on any of the unique and special things going on around the city for the month of December. Well, Christmas is one of my favourite topics to write about and of course my favourite time of the year. As a result I decided to combine those two and yes it’s time for me to talk about the upcoming Christmas (oh, I get so exciteeeed)!

Being in Madrid I didn’t expect anything less than the stunning Christmas decoration that I’ve witnessed this year! Madrid is a city that really takes Christmas seriously. On the 26th of November the whole city got lighted up and the atmosphere just became magic! Every year, each neighbourhood of Madrid get’s dressed up in their best Christmas lights! The streets are lit up by various light displays that have been created by artists all over the world. From 6 to 12 in the evening and while coming back from your work, you literally feel like being lost in a Christmas fairytale! So, take your camera, and explore Madrid’s festive streets!

However, the people who really know me well are already familiar that I couldn’t write an article without referring to the Christmas markets taking place during this time of the year. Well, in general I’d suffocate living in a country without a Christmas market, but that’s just me. It’s just a must. It’s an expression of happiness, and a real life experience of our christmassy bliss! Visit the Christmas markets, drink a cup of hot Gluhwein, try the best traditional sweets, stroll around the stalls, buy presents for your loved ones and enjoy yourself during the most wonderful time of the year!

Christmas Market in Plaza Mayor
Christmas Market in Plaza Mayor
Major's Plateau, Madrid, Madrid, Spain

So back to Madrid and let me orientate you! In the month of December you will notice several plaza’s, street corners and churches transforming into adorable little Christmas markets. The best way to get the most of these markets is to simply explore your neighbourhood! There will be markets all over the place selling traditional food, artisan products and christmas crafts! Some of the bigger markets worth noting are: Mercado de Navidad (Plaza Mayor), Fiera Mercado de Artisania (Plaza de Espana), Navidad en Oriente (Plaza Opera), craft shop and the Christmas Tree and children’s show (Plaza Callao).

Grab your camera, wear your Christmas smile and here we go, enjoy Madrid!

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