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Cijevna - Montenegrin Colorado Canyon and Niagara Falls

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Travel Tips For Podgorica

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When spring comes and rainy days are finally over it is time to enjoy in beautiful nature spots outside of the cities. Lucky enough to live in a small country full of natural beauties, it is very easy to reach these wonderful places as they are often only few kilometers away from the towns.

When in Podgorica, there is an inevitable place to be visited, just 4 km from the city center - Cijevna river with its rocky, sometimes less than 1 meter narrow canyon known as Montenegrin Colorado. Cijevna's waterfalls called Niagara Falls are one of the most popular places near Podgorica. Interesting because of its name, they are even more attractive when you know that there is nothing to limit your visit, you can come very close to them and feel the cold water-drops on your face.

The spring of the Cijevna River is located under Prokletije mountain range in Albania. Cijevna flows through Albania and on the Montenegrin border it forms a canyon, going through Montenegro it is affluent of river Morača. Area around Cijevna's Niagara Falls is one of the favorite sites for people living in Podgorica. The waterfalls are the most impressive during spring and during summer when the river level lowers, this area of Cijevna river is a perfect place for swimming and enjoying the sun.

If you like adventure than you can enjoy jumping from the canyon's cliffs and if you are more into swimming and sunbathing then pebble beaches are the ideal choice! Cijevna river is very cold even during the summer, so it represents a real refreshment from the sometimes unbearable heat.

Just next to the Niagara Falls, there is a nice national restaurant ''Niagara'' with great traditional food and Montenegrin wines. Actually, on the other side of the river, just across the canyon, Vineyard ''Plantaže'' is situated, one of the largest vineyard in Europe.

As you can see from the photos, this is a very attractive location, but river Cijevna offers much more. There are many beautiful spots along the canyon which you can explore walking or biking. However, if you have limited time and just want to relax in a restaurant by the river, here at Montenegrin Colorado Canyon and Niagara Falls you are always welcome!

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Katarina Kalicanin

Katarina Kalicanin

I am Katarina and the country I know the most is definitely my own: Montenegro. Active hiker constantly in touch with nature, I am eager to present my country to the world.

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