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Clubbing & nightlife in Amsterdam

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Travel Tips For Amsterdam

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As I have already promised in my previous page, it’s now time to suggest a few nightlife options and activities, that would definitely guarantee you an unforgettable night out, while in Amsterdam. The city’s nightlife is not confined to one spot. While the main areas are Leidseplein and Rembrandtplein, you can also find other great places scattered around the city. Amsterdam provides music of all types, various performances, places that you can let loose, as well as comedy clubs and low-key establishments. No matter what you’re looking for or the mood that you’re in, the city caters to everyone.

To many tourists who indulge in Amsterdam’s nightlife, the Red Light District and its many coffee shops are often the only entertainment they might discover, besides maybe a few cheesy bars in the city’s centre. However, away from the clichéd tourist hotspots, Amsterdam has a thriving club scene, one which is supported by a discerning, open-minded and dedicated clientele, together with several generations of musicians who have a global presence and the country’s liberal approach to the entertainment industry, which allows for a more relaxed atmosphere in many of the city’s club spaces.

From glitzy nightspots to raw warehouses, industrial buildings and hard-to-find basements, Amsterdam is overflowing with places to move your feet and pump your fists until the early hours.

Important info; During the week, bars and cafés in the centre of Amsterdam can stay open until 01:00 and until 03:00 at the weekend, but in practice some close their doors a bit earlier. In general, dance clubs can stay open until 03:00 during the week and 04:00 at the weekend. In Amsterdam, you’ll also find a special classification of bars called ‘nachtcafés’ (night cafés). These bars are allowed to stay open until 04:00 during the week and 05:00 at the weekend. These times are just general guidelines – if you’re planning to stay out late, double-check the website of the bar or club you plan to visit.

Let’s now see a list with a few must-dance venues and districts!

The main areas;

Leidseplein, Amsterdam, Pays-Bas
The Red Light District
The Red Light District
Oudekerksplein 27, 1017CS Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Museumplein, 1071 Amsterdam, The Netherlands

...and now specifically!

My personal favorite...check the video below ;) ENjoy!

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