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We are living in a fast-changing world. We had a similar period during the industrial revolution. It is only unfortunate if we can't catch up with the changes. If we would measure how good we are at behaving unsettled, I think we are coping very good. Professions are changing, our needs of spaces and functions are different than from 10 years before, even. There are more and more people working from home, and eventually facing the fact that the interaction with the outer world is needed. Spaces for sharing office spots started to be a very popular option for people that live these kinds of lives. Macedonia is a beautiful country, very affordable too, with welcoming people and beautiful food, so it is often chosen for living as a freelancer. Visit Coffice in Skopje.

For everyone interested in this concept of functioning, there is an online platform where you can check coffee stores around the world with rated conditions. This platform is called Laptop-friendly, and you can find a variety of cities listed here. Since Skopje is not on the list of this platform, it is my task to suggest you some places. Almost in every coffee store in Skopje, you can work on your laptop, without being interrupted. I can’t guarantee that the charging spot will be near to your seat or the wifi will be good enough to upload or to download, therefore, I have a plan B.

There is a shared working space, called Coffice. It is centrally placed and very cozy and the right choice if you have serious tasks to finish on your laptop. The pricing is very low compared to other European shared working spaces, and since the atmosphere is amazing and the coffee, too, I wouldn't have doubts where to go. Here you can meet other freelancers and potential collaborators. It is a two floors space. One is the area for meeting with others and relaxing, and on the upper floor are 12 office spots, small kitchen and a conference room that is also available depending on what service you will buy.

Very pleasant and positive place to work. In a great location - in the city center, but still a quiet working place. Nice and creative offices interior. Good opportunity to meet positive and open minded people. Simply, highly recommended!

I also give all my five stars to this place. First and foremost because it's cozy and friendly, secondarily because they support this kind of lifestyle that makes our wings to grow bigger.

Being in this place brought me new professional connections and good friends that I am always happy to meet either in Skopje, either on other destinations where their unusual life path takes them. Cheers to freedom and limitless opportunities!

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Zlata Golaboska

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