Cover picture © Credits to AJ_Watt
Cover picture © Credits to AJ_Watt

Coffee shops in Tirana !

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A genius once said : "As long as there was coffee in the world, how bad could things be?"  As a full time student and a part time everything else, I find these words very appropriate and Coffee has an important place in my life however ridiculous it may sound. Coffee is never to much for me especially when it's good. In this article I will write about the best coffee shops in Tirana. Let's start !

I am starting with my favorite one! Mulliri i Vjeter, on my opinion serves the best coffee in town. I wake up in the morning and the first thing I say is :  "I need to grab a coffee at Mulliri i Vjeter!"  And that's what I do...I get up and straight to Mulliri i Vjeter. I say Hello to the waitress and without going further she says to me:  "The usual?" , and while laughing I say Yes and think to myself  "I've become like a member of the family here".  You can find Mulliri Coffee shops everywhere around town, it's a cozy place and it can be used even for studying or working on a group project.

SOPHIE Caffe is another great coffee shop in Tirana. Mainly frequented by students and the hipster crowd, Sophie makes sure to offer great products and service for everyone in Tirana. I would say that my favorite product there is Cappuccino (the best one I tried in Tirana) and the brownies (extra delicious). The ambients are very nice and relaxing and the staff is very friendly.

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Like Mulliri i Vjeter and Sophie Caffe, even Mon Cheri is spread all over the town. I used to go at Mon Cheri coffee shop during my first year of University to work on my projects because this coffee shop offers a quiet and very comfortable place mixed with an interesting interior design. However, everyone seem to like their products starting from coffee to end up with snacks and sweets.

Just grab a coffee and go...Whenever you go in one of these coffee shops just leave your feedback on the comments. :)

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