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Cologne: The Most Diversed City in Germany

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Travel Tips For Cologne

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With its Gothic churches, chocolates, liberal people and of course its rich history, Cologne (Köln) is Germany's most visited city by tourists! It is the fourth largest city in Germany and it is also Germany's media and tourism hub. There is a great number of immigrants of Polish, French, Turkish, Russian and many more which makes a great diversity in this wonderful city. You can reach the city by Cologne Bonn Airport or simply by a train. The public transportation is also excellent in here, so you can explore the city very easily! If you like gloomy days, you have to visit Cologne around fall but on summer it gets really hot in here. :) So if you want to have a great time in Cologne, here is your guide!

What to see and do in Cologne!

Cologne is a fascinating place with lots of wonderful sightseeing! First of all, let's praise the architecture of Kölner Dom. This beautiful cathedral is also protected by UNESCO. It is the first sight you will notice if you take the exit of the main station. If you have comfortable shoes and trust your breath, don't forget to take 509 stairs to go top of the South tower! Trust me, it is worth it. Also, the entry is free to the Dom but a little donation to the cathedral won't hurt anyone :).

Köln Triangle is the tallest building in Cologne with its 103,2 m grandeur. It is definitely a landmark in Cologne and you can enjoy the panoramic view on the observation deck! Another fascinating birds-eye view you can get is from Cologne Cable-Car! You can get to see the most attractive spots of the city on air! It is a great family-time opportunity or a romantic time with your boo if you go up while the sun is setting.

To have a natural time, you have to check out Skulpturen Park which also very interesting spot to not to miss for also art lovers! Another must-visit-place is the Flora und Botanischer Garten in Cologne. Both spots are admission free! But if you want to have a guided tour, the options are available for a few Euros.

Museums are also really good in here! Museum Ludwig is a museum of modern art which is very close to central station. Museum für Angewandte Kunst has temporary exhibitions, so you should always check the website for the next exhibitions. :)

If you are visiting Cologne during Christmas time (December), The Christmas Market is really famous in here! There are lot's of Christmas Market in Cologne but the most famous one -which looks like it is from medieval times- is on the Neumarkt. Another fascinating activity is Karneval! It is a very cool street festival which is one of the highlights of this wonderful city!

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