Picture © Credits to istock/RKuljovska
Picture © Credits to istock/RKuljovska

Northern Albania

As the name suggests, this region is located in the northern part of the country. Albanian alps cover the entire north of the country....

What you can do depends on the season of your visit. During the winter, do not miss the chance to go skiing; during the spring and the summer, mountains become a hiking place. In autumn, the entire valley magically changes colors and becomes orange. A significant part of the natural environment are also the lakes of the region. The most famous ones are the Shkodra lake and Koman lake. It is said that, when days are really beautiful, you could even see the Adriatic Sea. In the mountains you will also find some smaller rivers, the most pretty one being Gashi river, registered on the UNESCO heritage. The biggest city of the region is Shkodra, a place of culture, religion and art.

Cities and towns to visit in Northern Albania

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