Picture © Credits to istock/photoflorenzo
Picture © Credits to istock/photoflorenzo


Styria is a state, located in the southeast of Austria....

The capital city is Graz, Graz was added to the UNESCO list of World Cultural Heritage Sites, and the site was extended with Eggenberg Palace. Graz is a precious city due to the harmonious co-existence of the typical buildings from different epochs and the different architectural styles. Situated in a cultural borderland between Central Europe, Italy and the Balkan States, Graz absorbed various influences from the neighbouring regions and thus received its exceptional townscape. Deep green forests, crystal-clear water and a mountainous landscape, through which the Mur Cycling Path or the Hiking Route From the Glacier to the Wine also lead, invite you to enjoy sporting and relaxing or adrenaline-kicking activities. The unique montane technology in turn stands for tradition and customs in the region.

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