Picture © Credits to istock/kasto80
Picture © Credits to istock/kasto80


Flanders is the Dutch-speaking northern part of Belgium. It is wedged between the North Sea and the Netherlands in the north, and Wallonia and France in the south....

This region has an immense historical and cultural wealth which is visible through its buildings and its works of art. Art lovers will be delighted by its lovely historic cities such as Leuven (and its famous University), Gent and, last but not least, the world’s famous Bruges, characterized as the “Venice of the North”. There are also many music festivals organised throughout the summer. The bigger ones (Pukkelpop, Rock Werchter) happen in a small village. Like in Holland, everything in Flanders is arranged to make life super convenient to bikers, whether within cities or in the countryside. For most of its history, Flanders was united with the Netherlands, which is still the closest partner of the region.

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