Picture © Credits to istock/PocholoCalapre
Picture © Credits to istock/PocholoCalapre


Wallonia is the French-speaking southern part of Belgium. Its northern area, around the Sambre and Meuse rivers, is heavily urbanised, and this is where most of the population and economic activity concentrate....

Most significant cities are Liège, Charleroi, Namur and Mons (European Capital of Culture in 2015). Folklore plays a big role in locals life: the Doudou in Mons, the Giants Parade in Ath, the Carnival in Binche are some examples of happenings that attract even foreign people who wish to feel the atmosphere from the inside. For the spots lovers, Stavelot hosts every year the Formula 1 Belgian Grand Prix in the circuit of Spa. The south of Wallonia is occupied by the Ardennes hills and is way less densely populated than the rest of Belgium. The Ardennes are heavily forested, with a preserved nature. It is thus a good place for hiking, and other nature-related activities. The Ardennes are a favourite summer or week-end destination among flemish people. Wallonia suffered from the economic decline after World War II, especially as the result of coal mines closing and long-established factories deciding to stop their production activities. Over the last 20 years however, the region has successfully turned to the technology sector, and has today many centers of excellence in sectors such as biotechnology, chemicals, aeronautics and space.

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