Picture © Credits to istock/utamaria
Picture © Credits to istock/utamaria

Republika Srpska

Republika Srpska is a land of impressive mountains, vast valleys and crystal-clear rivers – a true heaven for nature lovers. It stretches along the northern, eastern and southeastern part of Bosnia & Herzegovina, covering one half of this country....

For a small area, Republika Srpska has got a good share of natural wonders. It encompasses two national parks - Sutjeska (with the last primeval forest in Europe) and Kozara, as well as many ski resorts including the Olympic one - Mt. Jahorina. Being among the richest lands when it comes to water resources, it has splendid rivers (Una, Vrbas, Pliva, Drina), plentiful of lakes and waterfalls, the deepest European gorge – Tara Canyon, as well as some of the biggest spa resorts (Banja Vrućica). On top of this comes a 16th-century masterpiece - The Bridge on the Drina River in Višegrad, a famous UNESCO heritage site. Thanks to the unique mix of Mediterranean and alpine climates, there is no outdoor activity that this fascinating corner of the Balkans can’t offer. Its largest city is Banja Luka, a well-known adventure hotspot, while the most charming place is Trebinje, indisputably the most beautiful city in the country.

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