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Los Ríos

The literal translation of Los Rios region is ‘rivers region’, a name which reveals much about the area’s geography. Situated in the Southern part of Chile, this area homes many rivers such as the Valdivia, Bueno, and Pilmaiquén rivers....

These rivers play a crucial role in the natural ecosystem of the country (and even the continent) and contribute to the many lakes, wetlands and forests found here. Los Rios region is where Chile's newest national parks, Parque Nacional Alerce Costero is located, as well as what many consider the gem of the area: the Huilo-Huilo Biological Reserve, a conservation park where nature is the only character. Because of its somehow special beauty, Los Rios region is very popular among tourists that more often than not venture out of its capital city Valdivia, looking for tranquillity, nature and blue-green landscapes.

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