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Known for its large vineyard plantations, succulent grapes and fertile lands, the Maule region, located in the central part of Chile, is the motor behind Chile’s wine production: more than 50% of the country’s wine export comes from this area....

Some of the largest vineyards in the whole country are located in Maule, and making wine is considered not only a traditional activity but also a daily occupation and pleasure for most of the people living here. In recent years, the increasing demand for local produce has boosted strong infrastructure developments as well as new agricultural paths, such as growing vegetables, fruits and flowers which are now taking more and more space within the Maule’s economy. Eno-gastronomic pleasures are not the only reason why Maule is popular among tourists: the warmth and culture of hospitality are well embraced by the locals and appreciated by the visitors, a real reassurance and incentive for exploring this beautiful part of the world.

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