Picture © Credits to istock/xbrchx
Picture © Credits to istock/xbrchx

Zadar County

Zadar is a region located in the center of the coastline bordering Bosnia-Herzegovina. Zadar have lots of coast and some really nice islands, like Dugi Otok, Ugljan or Pasman...

The capital of this region is the coast city of Zadar, maybe the oldest city of Croatia. There is human trace since stone age, so the city was Roman, Italian and Turk. The city has many cultures and architectures from all times. A roman church of the ninth century, the Saint Donat church, but also cathedrals like Saint Anastasia. The fortification of the city is part of the UNESCO programme. The region has a national park called Paklenica. In this national park you will see the canyons of the Karst river. Mula which is the small canyon and Velika the bigger ones. This park is one of the best places of the country to go hiking, climbing and even do water sports during the summer.

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