Picture © Credits to istock/MBudnikov
Picture © Credits to istock/MBudnikov

Central Bohemia

Central Bohemia is located in the center of Czech Republic. It’s the largest region in the country....

The region has two different types of landscapes. The north-east is formed by agriculture and forests and the south-western is hilly with coniferous and mixed forests. Important rivers that cross the region are Elbe, Vltavan Berounka, etc. The region counts many landscape parks, with Krivoklatsko being the largest and the most important one. Another major place is the Bohemian Karst where the Koneprusy Caves are located. Besides all this luxurious nature, some historic places are also interesting to visit. Many castles and historic towns can be visited in the region such as Karlstejn, Krivoklat, Veltrusy...

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