Picture © Credits to istock/PhotographerCW
Picture © Credits to istock/PhotographerCW

Northern Denmark

Nordjylland is a part of Denmark which takes place between Kattegat, Skagerrak and the North Sea....

In this area there is a shallow part of the sea that crosses all the region which is called Limfjord. It starts from Morsø on the west to Aalborg to the east. The nature of Nordjylland is a wonderful place to spend time all year round, and there is almost an unlimited number of experiences out there. It is easy to explore and most of it is accessible to everybody. You can walk or bike on the designated paths and roads, but you are also welcome to explore and examine nature off the paths. Throughout its early history, Denmark had many contacts with the outside world, but it was with the beginning of the Viking Age that the really became part of European history. The Vikings ruled all scandinavia from Denmark and the place is still full of their history.

Cities and towns to visit in Northern Denmark

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