Picture © Credits to istock/katatonia82
Picture © Credits to istock/katatonia82

Southern Denmark

This region of Denmark is composed of the south of the Jutland peninsula and the island of Fyn, on the east of the peninsula....

On the south of the region is where Denmark ends, bordering with Germany. The regional capital,Vejle but Odense, is the region's largest city. South Jutland is Denmark’s historic borderland and has both a rich and varied past and a unique culture. It’s a gentle, open land, bordered by Little Belt to the east and the UNESCO World Heritage site the Wadden Sea National Park to the west. Today, Flensburg Fjord acts as a natural border with Germany. Fyn is Denmark's second largest island. You can instantly see why it is called Denmark’s garden island with its gently rolling hills, orchards, hedgerows and thatched. If you’re planning a holiday to Denmark, Fyn is a great place to see and experience something new.

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