Picture © Credits to istock/bluejayphoto
Picture © Credits to istock/bluejayphoto


Bavaria, officially the Free State of Bavaria, occupies the southeastern corner of Germany. Bavaria is the largest German state by land area, comprising a fifth of the German territory....

With 12.9 million inhabitants, it is Germany's second-most-populous state. Bavaria's capital and largest city, Munich, is known for the Oktoberfest, the Beer Festival, its art museums, as well as the Nymphenburg castle and its decorations. The picturesque Romantic Road begins in the northwestern city of Wurzburg, passes through rural villages and medieval towns, and ends in the foothills of the Alps, on the southern border of Germany. The Land is known for its lush mountainous landscapes, castles, Baroque towns and churches, as well as its famous beers. Bavaria hosts the headquarters of powerful companies such as BMW, Siemens, Allianz.

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