Picture © Credits to istock/RossHelen
Picture © Credits to istock/RossHelen


The Free Hanseatic City of Bremen is the smallest and least populous of Germany's 16 states. A more informal name, but used in some official contexts, is Land Bremen ('State of Bremen')....

The state consists of the city of Bremen itself as well as the small exclave of Bremerhaven in Northern Germany, surrounded by the larger state of Lower Saxony. Located in northwestern Germany, this city of 550,000 inhabitants is above all an important port, the second in Germany after Hamburg, and its reputation goes back to the Middle Ages, as a trade center for goods like wheat, barley, wine, or oils. Bremen is also a dynamic industrial center that has built its reputation on shipbuilding, aeronautics, agribusiness and automotive. Its historical heritage is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Outside of the old town, you can venture into the Schnoor district and visit its cafes, craft stalls and art galleries. This district remains picturesque because of the structure of its alleys. Finally, nostalgic ones can also walk on the side of the medieval port of Bremen, the famous Schlachte, not to be mistaken with the modern harbour, which is located a few kilometers from the historic port. You will find nice bars and pub.

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