Picture © Credits to istock/anyaivanova
Picture © Credits to istock/anyaivanova

Central Macedonia

Central Macedonia is a region in the north of Greece and it is located just at the south of the Republic of Macedonia....

Place of birth of Alexander the Great, this region has to offer many historical and cultural wealth with its visitors. Small part of the country’s peninsula in Macedonia you will find one of the most impressive mountains of the country, the Mount Athos. You will find more than 20 monasteries in the area. The capital of the region is Thessaloniki. It’s a city full of culture with it’s preserving relics of its Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman past and of its formerly dominant Jewish population. Its Byzantine churches in particular, are included in UNESCO's World Heritage list. The regions is also characterized by many parks, distincting a part of the Olympos National Park in the region. In the antiquity is was believed that the mount Olympos was home of the greek gods and goddesses.

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