Picture © Credits to istock/sjhaytov
Picture © Credits to istock/sjhaytov

East Macedonia and Thrace

This region is the most north east region of Greece. The region also comes with two islands, Thasos and Samothraki....

Those islands include many off greek ancient sites but also creeks and beaches. The capital of the region is Komotini, a city very close to Turkey, thus the majority of the heritage there is mostly muslim. It is the place where you will find the most number of mosques in the entire country. The biggest city of the region is not her capital though, but Alexandroupoli, which is even closer to Turkey. It’s one of the newest cities of the country and it’s a big commercial port. The most touristic place of this city is the Alexandroupolis Cathedral. The region is also famous for its national parks. with its most important one being the Nestos National Park, located in the south of the region. In this park you can find rivers and the Vistonida lake, which you should not neglect to visit.

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