Picture © Credits to istock/AlKane
Picture © Credits to istock/AlKane


An island located in the middle of the Mediterranean, to the south of Corsica. Its white sandy beaches and heavenly inlets (the 'Calas') attract Italians from the continent and tourists from northern Europe in search of the sun....

Its residents are known for their warm hospitality and are happy to introduce visitors to their local specialities such as 'culurgiones' and 'malloreddus' (typical local pasta dishes), Pecorino cheese, Cannonau wine, and Seadas (a cheese-based dessert drizzled with honey). Its ancestral traditions, kept alive to this day, attest to the richness of its history, which has seen a confluence of many different populations. A land of emigration since the 1950s and largely rural in character, it is one of the least populous areas of the country.

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