Picture © Credits to istock/RudyBalasko
Picture © Credits to istock/RudyBalasko


Despite its heavyweights such as Venice, 'La Serenissima', and the Verona of Romeo and Juliet, the region's appeal is not limited to its imperial past....

It is the birthplace of the architect Palladio, father of the architectural style that bears his name and that flourished throughout Renaissance Europe. It was here, too, that the Florentine Dante Alighieri spent most of his life and where he died after having written the Divine Comedy, the Renaissance masterpiece that is the founding text of the Italian language. Visitors will be regaled with opportunities to relax in the region's many thermal baths. Its landscapes are very diverse: from the Dolomites one can travel from the mountains down through hills and plains, to end at the lagoons of the Adriatic Sea. Its climate has made it possible to cultivate vineyards such as those at Valpolicella.

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