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Covering the northeastern corner of Shikoku Island, Kagawa Prefecture is spread between the Sanuki Mountains and the Seto Inland Sea. Kagawa is the smallest of all Japan’s prefectures, and its capital city is Takamatsu....

Previously known as Sanuki, Kagawa has become one of the hotspots for travelers in Japan. Relatively undiscovered, this prefecture offers a surprising fusion of ancient and contemporary. From pilgrimage sites and celebrated shrines to modern art installations, from sandy beaches to its own version of Mt. Fuji – fascinating views are guaranteed all over the region. Together with some surrounding islands, Naoshima has transformed into an internationally known art island with its world-class galleries, museums and installations. In the country of fascinating gardens, one of the most beautiful ones is for sure Ritsurin-kōen in the city of Takamatsu, dating back to the mid-1600s. In the folk village of Shikoku-mura at Yashima, one can get an opportunity to peek into Japan’s past. For a spiritual journey, visit a famous shrine Konpira-san or walk in the footsteps of pilgrims at 22 of the 88 sacred temples of Shikoku. And for picturesque sceneries, explore Goshikidai, Sanuki-Fuji or Shōdo-shima with its Angel Road.

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