Picture © Credits to istock/Widewingsstudio
Picture © Credits to istock/Widewingsstudio


Alytus County is the furthest south in Lithuania. The capital and largest city in the county is Alytus, and sits on the Nemunas River....

There is plenty of greenspace within the city, making it a perfect place for outdoor recreation. Veisiejai is another town to visit if you enjoy exploring the outdoors, and is also great for language lovers, as it’s the birthplace of the Esperanto language. The Veisiejai Estate Park, named for the nearby estate that dates to the 15th century, is perfect for those who want to learn about history. Rounding out Alytus County is Dzūkija National Park, the largest protected area in Lithuania. The park was created to protect the pine tree forests and villages of the region like Zervynos, which has been inhabited since the stone age.

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