Picture © Credits to istock/White_bcgrd
Picture © Credits to istock/White_bcgrd


In the northwest part of Lithuania is Telsiai County. Its capital city of Telsiai is located on seven hills surrounding Lake Mastis, which is part of many local myths....

Despite German and Soviet occupation, Telsiai has a wooden synagogue, the majority of which were destroyed during the First and Second World Wars. Telsiai was the Lithuanian City of Culture in 2016, and with good reason. The Alka museum, which is focused on Samogitian culture, has tens of thousands of pieces in its collection. There is also an Open-Air Museum of Rural Life of Samogitia, which displays the typical homesteads of 19th century Samogitia. Samogitia, or Žemaitija, is one of the ethnographic regions of Lithuania which has its own distinct cultural background and dialect. Telsiai has one of the oldest theaters in Lithuania, the Drama Theater of Žemaitė, named for a well-known author from the area.

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