Picture © Credits to istock/bruev
Picture © Credits to istock/bruev


Vilnius County, located in the eastern part of the country, is home to Lithuania’s capital city of Vilnius. When visiting Vilnius, you won’t want to miss the Old Town, which is one of the largest medieval old towns still around today, and a UNESCO World Heritage site....

The Old Town is a mix of architecture, ranging from gothic to neo-classical. You can walk along Pilies Street which connects the Cathedral Square (the location of the Vilnius Cathedral) at one end to the Town Hall Square at the other end. Here you can buy goods from market vendors, and during certain parts of the year, take part in street fairs and festivals. Also, when exploring the Vilnius Old Town, you’ll want to see the Presidential Palace, the remains Vilnius Castle Complex, and the beautiful brick gothic façade of St. Anne’s Church. The arts and culture scene in Vilnius is very much alive, with multiple art museums, an opera, a theater, and a symphony orchestra, among other museums and cultural centers.

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