Picture © Credits to istock/RossHelen
Picture © Credits to istock/RossHelen

South Holland

The South Holland region is the country's most populous province and one of the world's most densely populated areas. Situated on the North Sea, its capital is The Hague, while its largest city is Rotterdam; both cities worth visiting....

While stopping by The Hague you definitely want to see The Mauritshuis, a monumental residence, serving as one of the most important museums of the city. Do not miss Ridderzaal: The Knights' Hall, and the International court of justice. There is always the chance you come across the actual king of The Netherlands. For a more modern vibe, you may want to stop by Rotterdam. With its modern architecture, the city offers many things to chose from such as a walk in its many parks and a visit to the numerous cathedrals. Must see is the Erasmus Bridge, where you can have a broad view of the entire city.

Cities and towns to visit in South Holland

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