Picture © Credits to istock/MariusLtu
Picture © Credits to istock/MariusLtu


Hordaland is semicircular in shape. It is located on the western coast of Norway, split from southwest to northeast by the long, deep Hardangerfjorden, one of Norway's main fjords and a great tourist attraction....

About half of Hardangervidda National Park is in this county. The county also includes many well-known waterfalls of Norway, such as Vøringsfossen and Stykkjedalsfossen. It also includes the Folgefonna and Hardangerjøkulen glaciers. The Hardangerfjord starts at the Atlantic Ocean about 80 kilometres south of the city of Bergen. Here, the fjord heads in a northeasterly direction between the island of Bømlo and the mainland. It passes by the larger islands of Stord, Tysnesøya, and Varaldsøy on the north/west side and the Folgefonna peninsula on the south/east side. Norway's third largest glacier is found on the Folgefonna peninsula, along of the Hardangerfjord.

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