Picture © Credits to istock/CreativeNature_nl
Picture © Credits to istock/CreativeNature_nl


Oppland is a county in Norway just to the north of Oslo. The county administration is in Lillehammer. Oppland is, together with Hedmark, one of the only two landlocked counties of Norway....

Oppland extends from the Mjøsa and Randsfjorden lakes to the Dovrefjell, Jotunheimen and Rondane mountains. Oppland includes the towns Lillehammer, Gjøvik, Otta, and Fagernes, and Norway's two highest mountains, Glittertind and Galdhøpiggen, with Valdres and the Gudbrand Valley being popular attractions. The Gudbrand Valley surrounds the river Gudbrandsdalslågen, and it extends from Jotunheimen down to Bagnat Begna River. It is a well known place for skiing and winter sports. The main population centres in this area are Beitostølen and Fagernes. Eight of the ten highest mountains in Norway are located in the western part of Oppland.

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