Picture © Credits to istock/SimonDannhauer
Picture © Credits to istock/SimonDannhauer

Sogn and Fjordane

Sogn og Fjordane is a county in western Norway. The county’s administration is in the village of Hermansverk in Leikanger municipality....

The largest town in the county is Førde. It is mainly a rural area with a scattered population. Sogn og Fjordane includes the largest glacier in mainland Norway, Jostedalsbreen glacier, and the deepest lake, Hornindalsvatnet lake. There are also many famous waterfalls located in the area. Ramnefjellsfossen is the tallest in Norway and third tallest in the world, and Vettisfossen is one of Norway's highest waterfalls with a vertical drop of 275 metres . Both are located in the Jotunheim mountains. Cruise ships visit Sogn og Fjordane all summer because of the unique vistas of high mountains and deep blue fjords. The famous Nærøyfjord is located in the south of the county. This is a UNESCO listed fjord area.

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