Picture © Credits to ginger_polina_bublik
Picture © Credits to ginger_polina_bublik


Troms is a county in Northern Norway. It borders Finnmark county to the northeast, Nordland county in the southwest and its western border is formed with the Norwegian Sea (Atlantic Ocean)....

It’s located north of the Arctic circle, so it's the perfect place to come see the northern lights. Troms has a very rugged and indented coastline facing the Norwegian Sea. However, the large and mountainous islands along the coast provide an excellent sheltered waterway on the inside. There are mountains in all parts of Troms; the most alpine and striking are probably the Lyngen Alps, with several small glaciers and the highest mountain in the county, Jiekkevarre. Several glaciers are located in Kvænangen, including parts of the Øksfjordjøkelen, the last glacier in mainland Norway to drop icebergs directly into the sea.

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