Picture © Credits to iStock/Balate Dorin
Picture © Credits to iStock/Balate Dorin


Harghita is a county located in the center of Romania, in the eastern part of Transylvania. Its capital city is Miercurea Ciuc....

Even though summer there can be quite warm, Harghita is known as one of the coldest regions in Romania. Its landscape consists primarily of mountains, volcanic plateaux, foothills and of more densely populated river valleys. Volcanic in origin, the mountain area offers excellent hot mineral springs. Its other main tourist attractions are: the cities of Miercurea Ciuc, Odorheiu Secuiesc, Gheorgheni and Toplița; the mountain resorts of Băile Tușnad, Borsec, Lacul Roșu, Izvorul Mureşului and Harghita Băi, the Sfânta Ana lake (crater lake) and the village of Darjui, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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