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Picture © Credits to iStock/buymandesigns


Iași is a county of Romania, located in the region of Moldavia. Its capital city is Iași....

This is the 2nd most populated county in Romania, right after the Municipality of Bucharest. And the second largest university center in Romania. It lies on a vast plain surrounded by the Siret River on one side and the Prut River on the other. Of major importance for both the history and culture of the country, this region as a lot to offer: the city of Iași and its surroundings (the Seven hills of Iași), the Alexandru Ioan Cuza Memorial Palace in Ruginoasa, the neolithic archeological site of Cucuteni, the Cotnari and Bohotin vineyards, the monasteries of Hadâmbu and Dobrovăț, the Miclăușeni castle and monastery, the Vasile Alecsandri Memorial House in Mircești, the Constantin Negruzzi Museum in Hermeziu … amongst many others.

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