Picture © Credits to iStock/repistu
Picture © Credits to iStock/repistu


Timiș is the largest county of Romania, bordering Hungary and Serbia and located in the Western part of the country in the historical region of Banat. Its capital city is Timișoara....

Part of the Danube–Criș–Mureș–Tisa Euroregion, this county is crossed by many rivers and bordered by the Poiana Ruscă Mountains in the East. Its main tourist attraction is the city of Timișoara, the most cosmopolitan city in Romania and a city which benefited from multiple cultural and artistic influences all along its history (from Roman to German, Turk, Austrian and Serb). Very lush, the city is a marvel to visit in the Spring. Other notable places of interest in the county are: the city of Lugoj, the Buziaș spa resorts, the area around Făget and the castles of Banloc and Carani.

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