Picture © Credits to istock/ASafaric
Picture © Credits to istock/ASafaric

Savinja Region

Savinja is a region of Slovenia located on the west of the country, that shares its border with Austria to the north and Croatia to the south....

The biggest city of the Savinja region, and third largest in Slovenia, Celje, is located on the Savinja river. Quite small, yet charming, the city offers a really nice downtown, two churches and an old castle from 1400.\n\nIf you are more into nature, Savinja is also a beautiful region to explore. Particularily the north, where you can find the wooden mountains of the Savinja and Salek valley, as well as the natural parks of Robanov and Matkov. Both great places to go for long treks. And if you are there during winter, note that the Savinja mountains host some of the finest Slovenian ski ressorts.

Cities and towns to visit in Savinja Region

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