Picture © Credits to istock/Mimadeo
Picture © Credits to istock/Mimadeo

Basque Country

Bordering on France, this surprising region is at once rooted in a centuries-old past and turned towards modernity and the future....

The Basque country is a natural paradise, made of numerous valleys and fishing ports... and is even crossed by a portion of the 'Camino' to Santiago de Compostela. Amongst its local delicacies, you will find multiple varieties of wine and sparkling wines, as well as its very typical goat cheese. If you are more of a culture lover, you will certainly not want to miss the San Sebastián film festival or a visit to the Guggenheim Museum of Bilbao. \n\nThe region is unfortunately also well known for its conflicts and demands for independence. Today, the area has achieved a relative political stability, within the framework of an autonomous region. An important change, that now allows the Basque people to freely express their identity and culture.

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