Picture © Credits to istock/den-belitsky
Picture © Credits to istock/den-belitsky

Aegean Region

Aegean Turkey occupies the western part of the country, including the western coast of the Aegean Sea, across a wide arch of Greek islands....

The region has the longest coastline of the country, and it is one of best regions to enjoy the sea and the beaches all around. Izmir is a coastline city, known for its beauty and the capital of the region. The area also offers many Roman and Greek monuments, inherited from the antique times. Some of them may be the ruins of the temple of Athena at Assos or the old capital of the region during the roman times, and the ruins of the city of Ephesus. The region offers also other landscapes in the coast area, like the Cotton castle close to Pamukkale with its natural spas in rock salt. Alternatively, you can always go for some treks in the Dilek Peninsula National Park.

Cities and towns to visit in Aegean Region

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