Picture © Credits to istock/Seqoya
Picture © Credits to istock/Seqoya

Marmara Region

Located in northwestern Turkey, Marmara is bordered by Greece and the Aegean Sea to the west, Bulgaria and the Black Sea to the north and the Black Sea Region to the east....

Mamara is the most known region of Turkey, but the area is not only about the great city of Istanbul. There are many historical villages, some made of whitewashed architecture and the other are a mix between Roman and Ottoman culture. Istanbul, the capital of the region is the most known city of the country. Mostly because it’s a really old city that was the capital of many big cultures during the years. Of course today Istanbul is the city across the continents, Europe, Africa and Asia. Inside the city you can enjoy the different cultures, with the most impressive buildings being the mosque of St Sophia, that used to be a cathedral, and also the Blue mosque and the Sultan Ahmet Mosque.

Cities and towns to visit in Marmara Region

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