Cvetni Trg, flower square of Belgrade

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I don't remember the exact moment when I fell in love with it so much. Nor I can tell you why. But what I can tell you is that Cvetni Trg or the so called Flower Square of Belgrade definitely has not only mine, but many other hearts stolen. Whoever comes to visit this urban neighborhood of Serbian capital somehow becomes captivated by its energy, atmosphere, people and cafes.

The reason why this square is particularly referred to as the flower one is due to the fact that there have been many flower shops located there, which lasted from 1884 until the early 2000s. Cvetni trg is a rather small part of the Vracar Belgrade district, located around several elementary and high schools. You can say that from an early age, my friends and I have developed certain affection for this charming area. Apart from several cafes and restaurants, there is a huge Maxi supermarket nearby, being the first and the biggest supermarket opened in Balkans. In fact, it was the first store to sell Coca-Cola cans in this part of the world.

Right across the street you may find Manjez park i for some relaxation, or if you want to feel at ease while playing in the park aimed for small children. Just saying, nobody will judge you. In March 2016, as a testimonial to one of the greatest Serbian writers, Borislav Pekic, the monument of him sitting has been raised.

However, I will tell you that my favorite part about Cvetni Trg is definitely the cafe called Vesele Domacice (Cheerful Housewives). It all started when we were back in high school, and we wanted to skip some of the classes or run away somewhere, have a chat over coffee and perhaps prepare for the upcoming exams, which rarely happened. Don't be confused by the fact that the cafe is slightly hidden, it is part of its charm. The cafe is reconstructed in a former appartment, hence its coziness and lovely atmosphere. We used to go there in the morning and almost spend an entire day there, just enjoying in the lovely lounge of the cafe as well as its offers.

Rest assured, in a very homey atmosphere, you will have an amazing opportunity to try out the best coffee, an array of homemade cocktials on a very affordable prices, especially on Friday and Saturday night. However, I must say, my favorite speciality of the cafe is definitely Plazma Shake which is a milkshake made of milk and Serbian biscuits called plazma, topped with chocolate and whipped cream. Trust me, you will immediately fall in love with it.

Feeling hungry? Don't you worry, as Vesele Domacice offers an all kinds of desserts for sweet tooths and for those who prefer less sweet things. What is more, very hospitable, smiley and kind staff will always be there at your service. If you are coming during summer, you will love their perfectly decorated garden, where you can sip your homemade iced tea and enjoy the breeze. I think all of these are more than enough reasons to visit Cvetni Trg and go to Vesele Domacice. Stay tuned for more inspiration!

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